Indications for Use: Anti-inflammatory, fever, ear infection.


  • Apis 30K
  • Belladonna 30K
  • Kali Bich 30K
  • Mercurius sol 5CH
  • Phytolacca 30K
  • Pyrrogenium 30K
  • Ribes nigra MG D1
  • Sequoia gigantea MG D1
  • Ulmus campestris MG D1
  • Organic alcohol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Water

Available in: 30 ml oral drop bottle.

Dosage: 10 drops, 3 times daily. Decrease frequency as soon as symptoms improve.


Apis The animal, at first active, suddenly becomes KO (fever of 41 to 42°C). Convulsive agitation of the head. The animal seeks to be cooler, urinates less, and may sweat or not sweat at all. Possible presence of edema.
Belladonna The animal presents a sudden onset of elevated temperature (41°C), no longer moves, is hot, and wants to drink constantly (due to great thirst). The pupils are dilated in most cases, and the throat is red. The pulse is rapid.
Kali bich Treatment for ear infection that has thick viscous discharge, in long adherent filaments. The animal scratches its ear, which itches excessively. Worse in winter because the animal catches cold easily.
Mercurius sol Brings down a high fever (39.8°C). Swollen glands in the neck, very bad breath, generally abundant salivation. The animal drinks, but is no longer eating. Ear infection with thick irritating discharge, streaked with blood, causing excoriation. Worse at night and when in heat. Occasionally a greenish diarrhea accompanies the other ailments.
Phytolacca Fever causes the animal to be very weak and prostrate. Inflammation of mucous membranes; mucous membranes of the throat are red, with swollen glands in the neck and pain radiating to the ears. Worsened by hot drinks.
Pyrogenium Treatment indicated for all cases of infection or suppuration, to help avoid complications, particularly due to ear infection and sinusitis. The animal has a high fever, is weak and agitated. Condition is improved with heat. Secretions have a putrid odour and breath is fetid.
Ribes nigra (blackcurrant) mac. glyc. D1 Because this plant has the most anti-inflammatory properties, it is compared to cortisone. Therefore the ideal complement for all inflammatory (ear infection, sinusitis, insect bites, allergies, etc.) and febrile conditions.
Sequoia gigantea MG D1 Associated with Ribes nigra, it stimulates the adrenal glands and improves the immunitary response of the animal.
Ulmus campestris MG D1 Stimulates hepatic macrophages (cells in the liver that fight microbes).
Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 9.5 cm


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