Indications for Use: Fright, nervousness, mourning, behavioural problems, epilepsy.


  • Chamomilla 30K
  • Hyoscyamus niger 30K
  • Ignatia 30K
  • Natrum mur. 30K
  • Passiflora D3
  • Sepia 30K
  • Valeriana D3
  • Organic Tilia tomentosa MG D1
  • Organic alcohol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Water

Available in: 30 ml oral drop bottle.

Dosage: 10 drops morning and evening in a little sweetened water, or on meat.


Chamomilla The young animal is malicious, temperamental, insufferable, and does not tolerate frustration. It tears up everything it can get hold of, especially when alone. Hypersensitive to pain, the animal likes to sleep during the day, but is restless during part of the night. The adult is irritable, bad-tempered, and spiteful. Will not allow his kennel or armchair to be approached. Calms down when in its master’s lap or arms. Loves the car (condition improved with passive movement).
Hyoscyamus niger The dog is jealous and does not want to be touched. Has extreme mood swings, going from enthusiastic to aggressive. Does not accept food from anyone but its master, and hates being alone, which heightens its aggressivity. The animal is more likely a dominant male, whose aggressiveness increases during rut, by the presence of other males. At times he may bite his master out of sexual jealousy.
>Ignatia The female is sensitive, moody, usually gentle, rarely malicious, sometimes restless, and sometimes asleep. There is a sudden onset of odd reactions, while she becomes sensitive to pain. The slightest change in habits causes distress (e.g., fear of the car, false pregnancy while on vacation, fear of the kennel where she is boarding, etc.). Condition is aggravated by consolation and contact, and improved with walks.
Natrum mur. The subject is hypersensitive, emotional, and developing depression. The animal has difficulty concentrating, and has a tendency to isolate itself. The young animal gets angry easily; the older animal becomes emotionally hypersensitive, and even depressed.
Passiflora Acts like a sedative for anxiety and nervousness, and in mild insomnia.
Sepia Treats depression along with irritability that causes the animal to withdraw. Even though it desires discreet company, the animal has a tendency to isolate itself. For example, when its master calls, the dog wags its tail, but stays in the corner. The animal likes to have a loved one near, but its response to attention is, “stop pestering me.” It is afraid of the car, of storms, and people. The female is anxious before, and irritable after coitus (painful vagina). The animal feels anxious when it has a fever.
Valeriana A sedative, acting on the central nervous system, used for nervousness, stress, and anxiety.
Tilia tomentosa Being a mild hypnotic, it helps the animal rest. Useful for anxiety neurosis and epilepsy.
Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 9.5 cm


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