Indications for Use: Urinary problems, kidney stones.


  • Berberis D3
  • Cantharis 30K
  • Lycopodium 30K
  • Nitricum acidum 30K
  • Pareira brava 30K
  • Rein 4CH
  • Sarsaparilla 30K
  • Solidago D3
  • Terebenthina 30K
  • Chrysanthellum americanum TM
  • Alcohol

Available in: 30 ml oral drop bottle.

Dosage: 10 drops, 2 to 3 times daily.


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Berberis Reduces sensitivity and tenderness in the kidney region, as well as painful micturition. Cloudy urine with brick-red sediment, and skin problems due to poor elimination, particularly of uric acid, accompanying gout and rheumatism.
Cantharis Reduces acute inflammation of the kidneys, urinary bladder, and urethra, accompanied by severe pain before, during, and after micturition. Reduces urgent (urinary bladder spasms) and frequent need to urinate, with little urine (sometimes streaked with blood).
Lycopodium Reduces hepatobiliary insufficiency, characterized by the presence of acetone and sandy red urinary deposits. The dog is housebroken during the day, but urinates at night. It does not like to be touched, and moans, but hardly moves. The cat’s kidneys are harder to the touch than normal, and tender. Reduces problems with poor elimination accompanying rheumatism and skin problems. The animal ages prematurely (hair losss or hair turning white).
Nitricum acidum Treats urine disorders that “smell like a horse,” have rapid fermentation and release ammonia. Old Cocker Spaniels are irritable, sensitive to the cold, depressed, vindictive, with saliva that irritates the cheeks and dark circles around the eyes.
Pareira brava Reduces the constant urge to urinate accompanied by intense efforts to urinate only a few drops. The urine smells of ammonia. Reduces acute pain during micturition, as well as glans pain, mucopurulent discharge, urolithiasis (sand or small stones in urine), and prostatic hypertrophy.
Rein Stimulates kidney regeneration and drainage, improving renal function.
Sarsaparilla Treats cystitis along with acute vesical pain at the end of micturition, characterized by urine that is cloudy and flaky (white, sometimes yellowish sand), urinary bladder spasms and a frequent urge to urinate. The animal is grumpy, irritable, easily upset when suffering (exhausted from the suffering). The animal is sensitive, even though in a bad mood.
Solidago Relieves hepatorenal insufficiency accompanied by tenderness and pain in the kidney region and scanty, dark, sedimented urine (kidney stones). Condition is improved by diet and abundant diuresis (have the animal drink plenty of water).
Terebenthina Relieves frequent, painful, and burning micturition as well as urinary bladder spasms, and reduces blood streaking in the urine. Condition improved with movement.
Chrysanthellum Reduces small gallstones, kidney stones and salivary calculus, dissolving the smaller ones and stabilizing the larger ones.
Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 9.5 cm

30 ml


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