Indications for Use: Worms, symptoms of worms.


  • Abrotanum 30K
  • Artemisia vulgaris 30K
  • Cina 30K
  • Filix mas 30K
  • Indigo 30K
  • Natrum phos. 30K
  • Sabadilla 30K
  • Teucrium marum 30K
  • Alcohol 20%

Available in: 30 ml oral drop bottle, or tube of granules.

Dosage: 10 drops or 5 granules, 3 times daily.


Abrotanum Treats roundworms. The animal eats plenty of food, and in spite of this, becomes progressively thinner.
Artemisia vulgaris Anthelmintic.
Cina Treats the young animal affected by verminosis. The animal is sensitive, irritable, and in a bad mood (worse during full moon). Relieves anal pruritus (scooting in dogs indicates this) and pruritus of the nose. Reduces teeth grinding during restless sleep, as well as dry cough. The dog does not like to be approached or touched, and is constantly hungry.
Filix mas Vermifuge for tapeworms.
Indigo Treats consequences of helminthiasis, such as convulsions or epileptiform crises preceded by restlessness, and accompanied by gastroenteritis, as well as anal pruritus.
Natrum phos. Relieves the parasitized puppy or kitten having trouble digesting milk. The animal is generally sensitive to the cold, thinner, and suffers from anal pruritus as well as pruritus of the nose. A restless sleeper, it grinds its teeth.
Sabadilla Reduces nervous disorders caused by worms, which are worse during full and new moon. The animal is sensitive to cold, nervous, shy, has throat irritation and repeated coryza. Reduces nausea and dry cough.
Teucrium marum Treats pinworms along with anal and rectal pruritus. Curbs overeating and calms restless sleep.
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30 ml, granules


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