Indications for Use: Tonic, restorative remedy, convalescence. Indicated for the very active animal, undergoing intensive training, lacking appetite.


  • Alfalfa D2
  • Ginseng D4
  • China D6
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum D12
  • Cola D12
  • Selenium D12
  • Zincum D12
  • Sprout Cereals TM : Avena sativa sprout, triticum sativum srpout, hordeum vulgare sprout
  • Alcool 20% qs. ad 30ml

Available in: 30 ml oral drop bottle.

Dosage: 10 drops in the morning, on an empty stomach.


Alfalfa (lucerne) Used to fortify, stimulate, and remineralize in times of physical fatigue.
Ginseng Mental and physical tonic. Stabilizes blood circulation and cardiac function. Slows down aging process.
Avena sativa (oats) Relieves asthenia (lack of appetite), and physical and mental fatigue along with nervousness and insomnia.
China (cinchona) Aperient and general tonic (mental and physical), useful for overexertion and convalescence.
Ferrum phosphoricum (iron phosphate) Acts on fatigue and anemia.
Cola Stimulant (for neurasthenia). Relieves lack of energy. For convalescence. Heart and muscle tonic.
Selenium Relieves mental and physical fatigue, and vocal overexertion. Reduces hair loss.
Zincum (zinc) Relieves physical fatigue aggravated by taking strong medication (antibiotics) whether it be after a serious illness or a minor one.
Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 9.5 cm


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