Indications for Use: Eczema, itching, redness.


  • Alumina 30K
  • Antimonium crudum 30K
  • Apis 30K
  • Arsenicum album 30K
  • Berberis 30K
  • Graphites 5CH
  • Kali arsenicosum 30K
  • Petroleum 30K
  • Rhus tox. 30K
  • Sulfur 4CH
  • Organic Cedrus libani MG D1
  • Organic Ulmus campestris MG D1
  • Organic alcohol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Water

Available in: 30 ml oral drop bottle.

Dosage: 10 drops, 3 times daily.


AluminaTreats dry skin with desquamation, where eruptions only appear after scratching (the animal may scratch until it bleeds). May become infected. There may be hair loss and sometimes unhealthy nails. Dogs have a dry and cracked nose. The nostrils may become obstructed with hard crusts. Generally aggravated by the cold and in winter.
Antimonium crudumReduces thickening of the skin and induration in places that rub on the ground. Treats hot spots near lips and ears, appearing at first as pustules surrounded by a red halo, after which the skin has a tendency to crack, with hard, thick crusts forming on the eruptions. Often related to digestive problems.
ApisReduces acute and edematous infiltration characterized by an extremely painful translucent pinkish edema. Pressing with a finger leaves an indentation. Improved by applying cold.
Arsenicum albumTreats dry eczema (the animal licks itself rather than scratching) in which itching is improved by applying heat. Treats chronic oozing eczema in carnivores, characterized by crusting on the back and sparse, stiff hair. Reduces vesiculopustulous eruptions having watery, yet irritating pus and a fetid odour (dogs lick the front of the front paws, and the back of the back paws).
BerberisReduces small circinate lesions due to fungal disease or dermatosis.
GraphitesTreats eczema with sticky, viscous oozing that appears mainly around the eyelids, ears (tends to cause deafness in older dogs), scrotum, vulva, and sometimes on the lips and between toes.
Kali arsenicosumTreats chronic skin disorders, such as dry flaking, scaling, and desquamation. Condition is aggravated by heat.
PetroleumTreats dry eczema (sometimes accompanied by diffuse oozing). Reduces acute pruritus where the dog scratches itself continously. Current in garage and gas station dogs, and in dogs that lie near fuel-oil tanks or near the furnace of a central heating system fed by fuel-oil. Often, the animal is sick in cars.
Rhus tox.Treats acute vesicular eczema in dogs, together with pruritus and redness. The pruritus is so bad that it forces the dog to change positions constantly. The skin is red, especially in the stomach area. The condition is improved by applying heat and with continuous movement.
SulfurReduces cutaneous elimination that is characterized by redness of the skin (foul-smelling) and mucocutaneous cavities, as well as pruritus with insistent scratching that provides temporary relief but leads to scratch marks. Aggravated by washing and heat. Reduces cutaneous suppuration and dry or oozing eczema (alternating with diarrhea or asthma). Improved with plenty of fresh air.
Cedrus libaniTreats secondary infection of keratotic eczema.
Ulmus campestrisTreats non-infected vesicular eczema (the organism is trying to clean itself out), alternating between diarrhea and leucorrhea in females).
Weight0.085 kg
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 9.5 cm

30 ml


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