Composition : Abies alba ( European silver fir) MG D1, Quercus Pedunculata (Oak Tree) MG D1, Rubus Fructicosus ( Blackberry ) MG D1

Non-medicinal ingredient : Bio ethyl alcohol, vegetable glycerine, purified water.

Recommended Use : Gemmotherapy remedy

Usage : As indicated by a health practitioner

Dosage : adults ≥ 18 years old : 10 to 30 drops , 3 times per day.

Precautions and warnings : consult a health practitioner if the symptom persist or aggravate. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Except if the practitioner says otherwise.


  • Abies alba (pectinata): is an excellent remedy at pediatric growth disorders teeth decay etc.) and bone metabolism. It facilitates the mineral balance in young subject and prevents demineralization of the elderly, by stimulating osteoblasts and inhibiting osteoclasts. Abies alba acts on the joint pain associated with bone problems in general growth, etc. As immune stimulant, Abies alba is set out in a series of acute respiratory infections (laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, nasopharyngitis) or chronic (asthma, allergies, etc.). It also stimulates erythropoiesis and is an adjuvant of choice for treating anemia. This is a remedy that strengthens the vital energy !
  • Quercus pedunculata : by its properties, oriented toward the nervous and glandular system, supports the spirit and morale of the person when the vital force is weakened. It has a physical and mental tonic. It stimulates the production of testosterone, testicular activity (spermatogenesis) and is indicated in cases of infertility (both male and female), male senescence, sexual asthenia, fatigue, overwork, decreased libido. Quercus pedunculata acts on the adrenal cortex and has an effect similar to cortisone. It is a general stimulant recommended during convalescence, post-infectious fatigue or in the case of malnutrition. In short term , it restores vigor!
  • Rubus fructicosus: is a remedy for chronic suppuration (chronic bronchitis, obstructive respiratory disease, emphysema, etc.) leading to anergy and therefore proves to be a tonic for the long term. Its stimulating action on osteoblasts makes it a cure for bone decay (rheumatism, osteoporosis, etc ).

The blackberry is a general tonic for the tired elderly or weakened by illness and for the seriously ill who are drained mentally.

To complete the effect, to be administered simultaneously

The mineral elixir Rock Crystal is one of the “essential” since enhance the effect of other mineral essences and other remedies.
At the physical level: It has anti-aging, stimulates the vital energy and immunity. Anti- inflammatory and anti-migraine, it promotes cell renewal and blood and accelerates calcification. It balances a number of bioelectric parameters. Rock crystal aligns the cerebral hemispheres.

Psychologically: rock crystal stimulates the healing process, internal strength, endurance in the face of adversity, the assertiveness, clarity of thought and intellectual capacity. Rock crystal is also an ally against mental exhaustion.

On a spiritual level: Provides clarity of thought for meditation. It provides access to higher spiritual planes. Rock crystal helps those who are unable to hear their inner voice.

Effect of synergy thus created:


  • Stimulant and general tonic
  • Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth
  • Improves the body’s defenses
  • Strengthens and supports the respiratory system

Emotional: effective mental exhaustion.

Spiritual: gives clarity of thought to meditate.

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30 ml, 50 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L