Composition: Crataegus oxy (Hawthorn) MG D1, Ficus Carica (Fig Tree ) MG D1, Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) MG D1.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Bio ethyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, purified water.

Recommended use: gemmotherapy remedy

Directions: as recommended by a health care practitioner

Dosage: Adults ≥ 18 years: 10 to 30 drops, 3 times a day.

Precautions and warnings: Please consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless directed by a health care practitioner.


Crataegus oxy: Brings physical and psychological calm, especially for subjetcs that have a hot blood temper. The Crataegus is a major regulator of cardiac rhythm and of hyper or hypo tension . It reinforces the contractile force of the heart in heart failure, on old and tired heart. Hawthorn calms palpitations and precordial anxiety.

Crataegus acts as a sedative CNS. It also acts as an anxiolytic and will be used in the treatment of existential depression, spasms and insomnia, especially in combination with Ficus carica (fig tree). It is finally used to regulate bulimic tendencies, leading to being overweight.

Ficus carica: remedy of “psychological” domain, it is a great calming remedy and antidepressant of choice.

  • The fig tree is a useful anxiolytic to neutralize the effects of stress and nervousness and their short and long term consequences. Its anti-anxiety and neurosedative action , is remarkable. o The fig bud will be use for spasms, facial neuralgia, motion sickness, palpitations, migraines and
  • feeble nervousness.
  • Ficus carica will be a valuable assist in the treatment of existential depression, neurasthenia, nervous depression and psychosomatic disorders in general.
  • The fig tree improves the condition of hyperactive children, reduces the jitters, the unconscious fears, especially in children.

Ribes nigrum: is an adaptogen remedy that soothes inflammation and can adapt to all situations. It fights fatigue and drowsiness induced exhaustion. It is the bud of appeasement in difficult situations.

  • The blackcurrant tones exhausted adrenal tone and makes people exhausted: convalescents, the elderly, students during exam. It increases resistance to cold, and improves the reluctance in general.
  • Ribes nigrum is an antiallergic and an anti-inflammatory of choice. To complete the effect, to be administered simultaneously

Mineral elixir Aquamarine: is the stone of courage. It helps to control the fears, anxieties, stress and phobias. It is a peace stone, moderation, which provides emotional stability. It addresses to hesitant people, changing patterns in those who lack determination, the versatile, the undecided, etc. Aquamarine regulates the acid-base balance and harmonizes the thyroid. It inhibits cravings for sweets and snacking. Aquamarine slows skin aging and balance the Yin and Yang.

Effect of the resulting synergy :

Physical: its action on the thyroid slows,bulimic tendencies and regulates many biological factors.

Emotional: reducing stress and providing peace and tranquility.

Spiritual: by encouraging inner transformation of personality. The synergy opens the door to inspiration and stimulates speech and writing.

In addition to the aquamarine mineral elixir, we can administer Scleranthus elixir flower which is aimed for subject who are undecided, fickle, prone to mood swings and change their mind.

In this case, the Scleranthus elixir flowerce is to be taken in the morning and mineral elixir aquamarine at night.
Conservation: Keep the macerated glycerine away from light, heat and moisture. Keep bottles tightly closed to prevent evaporation of alcohol.

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30 ml, 50 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L