Ecology and Phytosociology

The black poplars growing here are, for the most part, European and American hybrids, whose exact origins are difficult to pinpoint. However, it can reasonably be associated with the Populus tremula or alba, which previous research has identified as pioneer species that grow best in moist, humus-rich soil.

Indications for Use

  • Artery drainer:
    • Thrombotic arteritis, which has been ongoing for one to several years with a tendency toward stabilization
    • Re-permeates the arteries and increases oscillation, especially in cases of early-onset adult arteritis (alternate with Betula Pubescens and Alnus Glutinosa)
    • Arterial antispasmodic agent
  • Invigorating and anti-sclerosis effect on arteries
  • Childhood tracheitis, bronchitis (properties similar to those of the Propolis)
  • Gouty conditions with rheumatism
  • Regulates innervation of the sympathetic system and alleviates trophic skin conditions (indicated for syphilis).
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30 ml, 50 ml, 120 ml


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