Ecology and Phytosociology
Rubus Idaeus, or the raspberry bush, is an indicator plant that points to a degraded soil due to high acid levels, which block the fertilizing properties of humus. It grows in silicone-rich Sessile oak stands and acid-loving beech-oak stands. It can be found in forests undergoing soil degradation and acidification. The raspberry bush is well suited to luvisol and clayey sand, where harvesting leads to the growth of blackberries.
Indications for Use

Stimulates secretion of estrogen and progesterone.
o Pubescent female hypogonadism (amenorrhea, excessive hair)
o Menorrhagia during menopause due to endometrial hyperplasia
o Secondary amenorrhea due to premature menopause as a result of surgery or other medical treatments
o Uterine antispasmodic: painful menses, breakthrough bleeding
o Arteriosclerosis
Nervous system: antispasmodic and relaxant

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