Ecology and Phytosociology
This species currently occupies approximately thirty closely grouped islets on the western hills of Sierra Nevada in central California. On its native soil, it can reach 100 metres, but under Parisian conditions it grows to 40 metres, providing a soft, frail wood that is not particularly useful. Fossil remains of the species have been found in over half of the world.

Indications for Use
Anti-aging remedy: Helps to slow down the aging process in both men and women.
o Stimulates memory
o Improves mental capacity
o Increases libido (sexual stimulant)
o Treats prostate adenoma (at onset): reaches its potential with Ribes nigrum
o Stimulates immunity
Brittle bone diseases (reduces occurrence of semi-spontaneous fractures)
Osteoporosis in women
Treats delayed healing of fractures in adults (alternate with Quercus Pedunculata)
Serves to loosen tendons and ligaments

Complementary Treatments
Its properties are enhanced when combined with the following plants:

  • Ribes and Quercus Pedunculata: Functional adrenal disease, overstress, fatigue due to overwork
  • Ribes nigra: Fibroma

Avoid taking at night since it can delay sleep or even lead to sleeplessness.

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30 ml, 50 ml, 120 ml


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