Ecology and Phytosociology

Sorbus Domestica, or service tree, is a Mediterranean tree of the fruit-bearing family. It has adapted to the pubescent oak stands found here. This light-seeking species prefers deep, thick calcareous soil for its taproots. A slow-growing tree, it can live from 500 to 600 years and gives a very uniform, hard and compact wood. It bears sticky, hairless buds.

Indications for Use

  • It treats plethoric vein conditions prior to a thrombotic episode, heaviness of the limbs with acroparesthesia. After a venous thrombotic episode, Alnus Glutinosa is the remedy of choice.
  • Certain types of ringing in the ears
  • Disorders related to hyperviscosity and slow circulation
  • Reduces vein congestion and tones vein walls

Complementary Treatments

Its properties are enhanced when combined with the following plants:

  • Viburnum Lantana: Deafness due to tympanosclerosis affecting both sexes (it can occur at any age and worsens with each cold; ear drum is often thicker, sclerosed and depressed and the auditory tube is blocked to varying degrees), sudden deafness due to vascular spasms, with ringing in the ears, mild vertigo and ear pressure, following acute eustachian catarrh.

Action on coagulation

Corrects hypocoagulation involving a significant lengthening of the longitudinal waves and an ambivalent effect on the transversal waves.

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