Ecology and Phytosociology

The foxberry is a tightly bunched subshrub that is more rare than the blueberry bush. Its appearance indicates a situation requiring immediate attention, since the foxberry points to a certain level of soil degradation: insufficiently protected soil with less-than-favourable topsoil. Its root system forms a tightly woven network of roots that run and branch out in the superficial layers of the soil, prohibiting the development and sprouting of young plants. It is a perennial mountain plant, which lines forest floors. Its bushy patches also populate the heaths and pastures of our regions, reaching the limits of the permanent snowlines.

Indications for Use

  • Anti-aging remedy of choice
  • Many stages of biological, yet sthenic decompensation, with marked hyalinization.
  • Arterial hyalinosis: Hyaline arteriosclerosis of a senile variety, with hyalinosis of the thrombosis due to the degeneration of the wall. Treats torpid necrosis of the limbs, senile and diabetes-related gangrene. Especially useful for small arteries and arterioles.
  • Ovarian hyalinosis: Serves to reactivate estrogen production in hyalinized ovaries after menopause. Hormone replacement action in post-menopausal women with suspected tumours. The water/alcohol mixture found in young foxberry shoots contains significant doses of estradiol.
  • Hot flashes, female senescence
  • Action on many benign hyalinized tumours (uterine, adenoma, thyroid gland fibroids)
  • Hyalinosis of exsudates, thrombosis (hyalinized fibrosis), past pulmonary embolism, hyalinized renal glomerulus due to overproduction of hyaline.
  • Effects of inflammatory hyalines: By modifying the acid/base balance, the primary fibrils are divided into protofibrils. These protofibrils can be split into tropocollagen molecules by the proteolytic enzymes of the granulocytes, in which case it will be reversible. However, when the protofibrils are more numerous, they become thick, homogeneous masses, losing their typical undulated structure. In such cases Vaccinium Vitis Idæa acts on the conjunctive hyalinosis as a remedy to premature aging.
  • Regulates acid phosphatases, as an adjuvant treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Certain nephrotic syndromes due to focal glomerulosclerosis.
  • Promotes calcium absorption (osteoporosis)
  • Diuretic agent, bladder drainer (recurring cystitis)


Action on coagulation

  • Thrombophilic action
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