Biological and physical signs :
Exhausted field, aging

Effects on the psyche:
Mental weariness, appeasement

Is a component of the emergency remedy “Puissance 7”

It is quartz colored by manganese oxide that gives us this beautiful purple stone, from lavender to the darkest shade of violet

Mainly from Brazil, it is found everywhere in the world.

Worn as protection by the knights who left for the Crusades, it is the stone that adorns the ring of bishops and cardinals.

The amethyst is the stone of wisdom. It is the result of the fusion of red (the body) and blue (spirit), its purple colour expresses the perfect synthesis of material and spiritual. It allows the harmonization and balance of yin and yang.

Placed under the pillow, it allows a deep sleep and keeps nightmares away.

The elixir of amethyst purifies the blood and acts as an antiseptic.

It relieves migraines, tension in the head and is useful in cases of insomnia.

It helps to liberate from dependency to alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

Diabetes and hypoglycaemia benefit from it as it regulates sugar levels in the blood by balancing the function of the pituitary gland. The elixir of amethyst provides:

  • Appeasement
  • Comfort
  • The ability to overcome a great emotional shock
  • The power to console

The elixir of amethyst is indicated in cases of:

  • Mourning, deep distress
  • When you learn bad news
  • Great emotional shock
  • Accident, trauma
  • Intense pain

Composition :

  • Amethyst 3X
  • Bio ethyl alcohol 20%

Available in : 30 ml oral drops bottle.

Dosage : See details

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 11.5 cm

30 ml