Labradorite – Openness

Biological and physical signs :

Effects on the psyche:
Openness to others

Its name comes from Labrador, where it was discovered. It changes colour depending on its orientation towards the light.

Labradorite works like a sponge and a shield. It absorbs negative energies from the environment, the aches and pains of others and by doing so it protects the wearer of their destructive effects.

Labradorite is indicated for those who are in contact with the suffering of others (medical staff, etc..) as it helps in to avoid absorbing their problems or their diseases.

Labradorite stimulates self-healing capabilities and boosts physical and mental regeneration which is useful in many circumstances.

Labradorite clears past traumas such as in early childhood. The elixir of labradorite seals our aura and prevents energy leakage. It creates a protective cocoon in which we can reconnect, find ourselves after an ordeal, an illness, etc…

Labradorite facilitates friendships. This is the stone of choice for loners who do not deal well with their isolation.

On a physical level, the elixir of labradorite relieves pain related to respiratory diseases, the throat, the area of the heart and the eyes.

The elixir of labradorite promotes openness to others and:

  • Altruism
  • Listening to others
  • Understanding

The elixir of labradorite is recommended:

  • For selfish people, egocentric people
  • For those who tend to listen to themselves
  • For those who need to be admired
  • For those who find it difficult to communicate
  • For those who constantly need to talk about themselves
  • For those who are not interested in other people’s problems


  • Labradorite 3X
  • Bio ethyl alcohol 220%

Available in : 30 ml oral drops bottle.

Dosage : See details

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 11.5 cm

30 ml


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