Lapis lazuli – Wisdom

Biological and physical signs :
Hormonal regulation, throat, tonsils

Effects on the psyche:
Wisdom, psychic clarity, purification

This is “the” blue stone, an intense and deep blue. The great masters of the Renaissance used to grind it to prepare an ultramarine blue which would be used on their canvases.

Its name comes from the Latin lapis stone and from the Arabic Azul blue.

It was a sacred stone in ancient Egypt. The Pharaohs and dignitaries would adorn themselves profusely with it. The throne of the goddess Isis, mother of Horus, was made of lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli was also used to engrave sacred scarabs, symbol of rebirth and prosperity.

Christians dedicate this stone to the Virgin Mary. Until recently, lapis lazuli was much more valuable than emerald. But times have changed since…

Lapis lazuli increases vital forces, protects against infectious diseases and epidemics. It purifies the body and mind and allows the elevation of the soul. Lapis lazuli is therefore closely linked to spirituality.

Lapis lazuli improves night vision, treats skin diseases, acts on hair and nail regrowth. It should also be active against migraines and neuralgia.

The elixir of lapis lazuli balances endocrinal glands, particularly the thyroid gland and strengthens the immune system. It reduces inflammation of the tonsils and its healing properties are exerted beneficially for the area of the throat to the upper part of the lung. It regulates blood pressure, soothes skin rashes and swelling.

Lapis lazuli brings wisdom and:

  • Humility
  • Sociability
  • Likeability

The elixir of lapis lazuli is suitable for:

  • Proud people
  • Pretentious people
  • Vain people
  • Those who believe they are superior
  • Those who seek loneliness
  • Those who hold on strongly to their independence


  • Lapis-lazuli 3X
  • Bio ethyl alcohol 20%

Available in : 30 ml oral drops bottle.

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Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 11.5 cm

30 ml