Magnetite – Indulgence

Biological and physical signs :

Effects on the psyche:

Magnetite is a particular stone, since it attracts iron. It takes its name from Mount Magnetos (“Great Mountain”), a Greek mountain particularly rich with this mineral, and especially from the Greek magnes meaning “magnet”. It is composed of iron oxide and is black in colour. This natural magnet comes from the natural decomposition of volcanic rocks. By cooling after the volcanic explosion, the lava stores a certain amount of magnetic energy which is returned to its rocks born subsequently from its decomposition when in contact with the atmosphere. Magnetite retains a natural power of attraction on iron and other metals. This is what is called magnetism.

A “magnetic” deficiency can manifest itself in our modern world. It is due to a loss of contact with nature and also with telluric and cosmic magnetism. It is also due to a constant confinement: in buildings, cars, planes, etc… In certain dwellings other problems may arise relating to the Hartmann lines which are not taken into account during construction. Different pathologies may then occur from shoulder and neck stiffness to back pain, lumbago, stubborn migraines, nervous disorders and insomnia, dizziness and digestive problems to more severe diseases.

And this is how magnetic therapy developed itself to correct a number of problems, particularly in terms of pain. Magnetic mats, placed under the mattress, will allow to circumvent the effects of Hartmann lines and improve the overall health of people in their sleep.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-pain action of magnetite and magnets, explains their indication in rheumatology for all problems of arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, lumbago, etc…

Magnetized water is an excellent supplement.

The elixir of magnetite leads to indulgence and:

  • Tolerance
  • Accceptance of others
  • The capacity for judgment.

The elixir of magnetite is recommended for:

  • Arrogant people
  • Intolerant people
  • Prejudiced people
  • Perfectionists
  • Those who tend to criticize


  • Lapis-lazuli 3X
  • Bio ethyl alcohol 20%

Available in : 30 ml oral drops bottle.

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