Mineral Elixirs – Book

When the mind calms the body…(book in french only)

Enter a new world, the world of mineral elixirs. You most probably know about floral elixirs and maybe even use them. But there is a relationship between these two subtle forms of remedies like none other: they both promote our emotional regulation with a holistic approach of naturopathy with the aim of restoring well-being globally.

In this fascinating book you will find about the 38 minerals used to develop these elixirs and their real power is summarized in one word. For example, Agate-Love, Turquoise-Quiet, Jasper-Vitality, Chalcedony-Courage, Aventurine-Tolerance, Amethyst-Calm, Ruby-Serenity … etc, there are 38 elixir units.

Without omitting a 39th, infinitely precious in case of an emergency, to take in the event of a violent emotional shock, panic, anxiety, nightmares, sudden weakness …

Once again, Jean-Paul Jacquemet surprises us in this book which is full of disturbing revelations about the secrets of this fascinating world of crystals he found while studying the properties of rock salt in the Himalayas, of which are shaped salt crystal lamps that he has such a fondness for.

Page after page, you will discover these amazing mineral elixirs and no doubt that once you finish this book, you will head straight for health food stores where these elixirs are advised by qualified people trained and awarded with a degree recognizing their competence in this field.

To use your spirit to calm your body, read this book and adopt mineral elixirs.

ISBN 2-9522472-2-6

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