Pyrite – Decisiveness

Biological and physical signs :
Blood, sexuality, drainage, airways

Effects on the psyche:
Ability to decide, acts on the astral body

Pyrite is a mineral composed of iron sulphide, of the formula FeS 2, which may contain traces of Ni , Co , As , Cu , Zn , Ag , In , Tl , As and V . Its metallic lustre and yellow gold colour give it an uncanny appearance. Its crystals which are cubic or octahedral are so purely shaped that they seem created by the hand of man.

Pyrite was first noticed because it sparks under the effect of a shock. Hence the name that comes from the Greek “lithos pyrites” literally “flint stone”.

It is a stone of protection against negative energies and mental pollutions of all kinds.

Impregnated with the energy of terrestrial magma, it restores it to the person who wears it by fighting physical and mental exhaustion. Pyrite provides tone and vitality. It will be recommended to convalescents or exhausted people.

The elixir of pyrite fights chills and reduces affections of the throat such as pharyngitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. It is therefore appropriate to strengthen the respiratory tract. It also helps digestion by activating the irrigation of the blood of the digestive organs.

Pyrite stimulates creativity and inspiration. It helps to better organize our thoughts, to boost memory, improve concentration and intellectual faculties as well as sense of logic.

It gives a sense of organization to people who do not have this virtue.

A pyrite stone worn around the neck will most likely help a student during his or her exams.

The elixir of pyrite stimulates the decisiveness and:

  • Determination
  • Will
  • Self-confidence

The elixir of pyrite is indicated for:

  • Modest people
  • People who suffer from an inferiority complex
  • People who are afraid of rridicule
  • People who are afraid to fail
  • People who are unable to advance in life
  • People who have a negative perception of themselves

Composition :

  • Pyrite 3X
  • Bio ethyl alcohol 20%

Available in : 30 ml oral drops bottle.

Dosage : See details

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 9.5 cm


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