This mineral salt can be found almost throughout the entire body: muscles, nerve cells and blood. A deficiency of this salt can cause fibrinous exudates, swelling of the lymph nodes and inflammatory tendencies with oily discharge.


  • Grey or white tongue with thickened mucous membranes, thick, white nasal or bronchial secretions (coryza, eusthacian catarrh, laryngititis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pleuritis, pleurisy)
  • Eczema-related conditions with grey, bran-like scales, rash with powdery or leaf-like scales, (measles, scarlet fever, following small pox vaccine), conjunctivitis, blepharitis
  • Gastric catarrhs (with white, greyish discharge)
  • Dysentery and diarrhea
  • Nephritis, cystitis with thick, whitish discharge, leukorrhea with white, milky discharge

In short, Kalium muriaticum is an antiseptic, infection-fighting remedy that is often used in conjunction with other remedies.

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