This mineral salt is a component of blood, bone tissue, teeth, spinal marrow, nerve and brain tissue. A deficiency is magnesium phosphate leads to exhaustion with spasmodic episodes, acute pain with cramps and convulsive states. Pain is sharp and brief and occurs during seizures. These conditions are aided by deep pressure and heat, but aggravated by cold and light touch.


  • Exhausted patients or seniors with very low energy
  • Sudden failure of the nervous system
  • Convulsions due to teething pain in the newborn
  • Spasms of the gallbladder, liver colics
  • Whooping cough
  • Fear of cardiac angina
  • Writer’s cramp
  • Spasmodic pain during menstruation, spasmodic colic, abdominal pain of a spasmodic nature.
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