Sodium chloride is present throughout the organs (intercellular fluid).

A deficiency of this salt causes tissue dehydration, weight loss without loss of appetite, and altered states. In addition to weight loss, the patient is often depressed, experiencing deep sadness. Other symptoms are crying spells, irritability, memory loss and a tendency to isolate oneself. Sensitivity to cold is common. Also, disorders are likely to appear after overeating salty, acidic food.

It goes without saying that all disruptions in metabolizing Natrium muriaticum cause a disorder of the biochemical mechanisms of the other mineral salts. Localized symptoms then begin to appear: swelling in conjunction with dryness (skin blisters with dry mouth; thickening of the skin in some areas). A lack of Natrum muriaticum leads to anemia due to lowered red blood cell production.


  • Rashes with clear discharge, seeping eczema
  • Blepharo-conjunctivitis, cataracts
  • Blockage of auditory tube, coryza with runny discharge, rhinopharyngitis with dry cough
  • Rectal contractions, watery diarrhea, pinkish urine (hematuria)
  • Feverish states accompanied by thirst, dry tongue and intermittent fever (in moist conditions)

In short, Natrium muriaticum rebuilds and acts as an anti-anemia agent.

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