Remedy for anergy, which means the passage of the possible or actual functional lesion. It expresses the lack of defense reactions of the organism. There are different forms of anergy. Some are mild and transient, others are much more severe and can lead to degeneration, disease lesions and death.

Dosage: 2ml, once or twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach.

Recommended duration of use :
One to two months or as recommended by a health practitioner.


  • Overall fatigue that does not fade after resting
  • Psychasthenia with depression more or less pronounced and ideas of death.
  • Decline or difficulties in using intellectual faculties (memory, power of attention, coordination, etc..).
  • Loss of enthusiasm, tendency of loss of will. Impression of futility of existence. Desire to quit.
  • Sexual indifference.

Possible evolution: Anergy may be transient and can resolve spontaneously when it is a mild case (original low trauma):   “The patient has recovered well.” At other times, the person will assert   “I do not feel I am coming out of this.” At that moment, the possibility of adverse developments can take shape.

  • Fast progressing tuberculosis or responding with difficulty to conventional treatments.
  • Chronic inflammatory rheumatisms
  • Affected nodes such as Hodgkin’s disease.
  • Leucosis, cancer and cellular degeneration.
  • Global and irreducible senescence.
  • Psychosis with depression as a starting point.

Even at this stage, copper-gold-silver can bring many patients to heal “old wounds.”

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