Medicinal ingredient: Magnesium gluconate

NMI: 10% ethyl alcohol

Dosage: 2ml, 1-2 times daily depending on the severity of the disease or as directed by a therapist.

Duration of treatment: From 2 to 4 months.


  • Spasmophilia : associated with cobalt and phosphorus
  • Neuritic phenomena : the pain caused by arthritic inflammation of the nerve roots near the inflamed arthritic areas. Associated with manganese-cobalt.
  • Senescence : impotence, neurasthenia and states where there is an absence of defense of the body. Associated with copper-gold-silver as well as copper-zinc.
  • Disorders of membrane permeability:
    • Cell swelling
    • Obesity
    • Chronic constipation, digestive and intestinal problems, colitis
  • Disorders from poor regulation of calcium metabolism and ossification : Magnesium promotes the binding of calcium and phosphorus.
    • Spasmophilia.
    • Impaired growth, senescence.
    • Demineralization, decalcification.
    • Pregnancy, breastfeeding.
    • Rickets.
    • Warts.
  • Parathyroid dysfunction.
  • Neuro-arthritic states: pain, neuritis, arthritis, cramps, etc.
  • Muscular disorders: Tetanus toxoid and disorders, cramps, convulsions, muscle spasms.
  • Wound healing, eczema.
  • Enuresis.
  • Liver failure.
  • Psychopathy.
  • Prostatism.
  • Mental retardation, early senescence. Epilepsy.
  • Infertility.
  • Canncerinic field : Magnesium protects vitamins, especially E which is anti-carcinogenic.
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100 ml


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